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Investment, Business and Management Consultancy.

Marine Maintenance, Tour & Travels, Constructions, General Trading.

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Recruitment of Indonesisn Foreign Domesticv Workerrs.

Personalised & Customised Training For Indonesian Foreign Domestic Workers.

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Quality Standart

We control and manage the production, distribution and retail of our products and services to ensure high standard and quality for your needs and requirments.

Total Quality Management.
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About Our Services

Welcome to Indonesian Foreign Domestic Section

We are located in East Java Province of Indonesian which is about 2,000 km away from Singapore or approximately 2-hour flight from Singapore.

Direct from the sources: 

Our staff as well as our field recruiters (Petugas Lapangan - PL) embark on talent-spotting mission at the remote villages in East Java Province for potential good domestic helpers.  Whilst embarking on this recruiting mission, our staff will elicit information on the personality as well as family background of the potential domestic helpers.  Simultaneously, our staff will establish good rapport with the parents/husbands of the potential domestic helpers.  The objectives are to ensure that potential domestic helpers do not have any psychological or medical problem and to find out whether the potential domestic helpers are suitable to work overseas as a domestic helpers. 

To Ensure Quality Domestic Helpers for our overseas clients, we subject all the potential domestic helpers to the followings:

  1. Strict medical examination – to ensure they are medically fit to take up employment as domestic helpers overseas;
  2. Regimented and Residential Training Program: Once the potential domestic helpers are medically fit, they are required to undergo regimented and residential training program at our training centres. 
  3. Besides undergoing training and acquiring the necessary skills and competency for domestic helpers as well as learning English language, they will be accustomed to the working conditions and environment in Singapore (including away from their family and their loved ones).  
  4. Round-the-clock Monitoring:  Whilst undergoing regimented and residential program, every potential domestic helpers are monitored round-the-clock by all our staff (including the staff who are doing admin works).  The objectives are to find out the actual personality traits of every potential domestic helpers as well as to uncover their strengths and weaknesses (if any).  We use these information to effectively training and preparing them for overseas employment.     

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Services List
  1. Recruitment of Indonesian Foreign Domestic Workers
  2. Deployment of Indonesian Foreign Domestic Worker
  3. Marine Maintenance
  4. Investment Consultancy
  5. Business Consultancy
  6. Management Consultancy
  7. Tours And Travel
  8. Construction
  9. General Trading

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