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We Serve You Better

What we offer

Investment, Business and Management Consultancy.

Marine Maintenance, Tour & Travels, Constructions, General Trading.

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Our Support

Recruitment of Indonesisn Foreign Domesticv Workerrs.

Personalised & Customised Training For Indonesian Foreign Domestic Workers.

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Quality Standart

We control and manage the production, distribution and retail of our products and services to ensure high standard and quality for your needs and requirments.

Total Quality Management.
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Our Mission


To improve the efficiency and revenue of companies as well as their opportunities for survival in changing, dynamic, competitive, expanding, and unpredictable political and economic environments.

Solutions Showcase
1.      Analyze the business
2.      Identify problems
3.      Identify Weakness
4.      Identify Strength
5.      Identify future opportunities
6.      Provide solutions
7.      Gather feedback & adjust plan
8.      Implement and track the plan

Best Solutions

What separates us (as a good consultant) from a bad consultant is our passion and drive for excellence.

We will assist companies to improve their performance through analyzing the existing business/corporate problems, thereafter develop plans for improvement.

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Next Step

Are you thinking about hiring a Business Consultant?
Are you wondering why you need one? 
Or wondering what a Business Consultant does? 

Call us and we will provide you the answers.

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